Paper Selection with To The Market Swissie
Hi! It's MEG here today to share a tip on selecting patterned paper for your projects. I'm using To The Market Swissie to illustrate this.
I recently read a social media post where the poster asked whether other crafters if they colored images first and then picked papers to match the coloring, or the other way around.
The answers indicated that crafters chose to limit themselves a lot by choosing their paper beforehand...but it doesn't NEED to be a limitation.
Instead of selecting a single paper for use, why not try matching an entire paper stack?! I don't know about you, but far too many times I've colored an image specifically to match a particular paper....and theeeeen I don't like how the paper looks with it at the end!
This way, you get to work with an entire color combination that may be new to you, and you've left your options open for what papers to use in the end.
For my coloring, I chose the Easter Paper Pad - a huge variety of colors! My colored image matched 7 out of 12 patterns, so it gives me a lot more design choices and inspiration in the end.
Just a tip from me to you today. Hope it inspires you!

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