April & May Rain Shaker Card Tutorial

Happy Tuesday everyone! It's Rosie here today sharing written instructions on how I created this cute Rain Shaker Card inspired by Laura Dovalo Rasi.

Step 1: First, I gathered up the supplies I needed to make the card and colored my paper and images.

SUPPLIES: April & May Clear Stamps, In and Out Square Metal Die, Cloud and Grass Die, Distress Oxide Inks, Foam Tape, Glass Beads, Clear Thread, Scor-Tape.

I colored the ducks from the April & May Clear Stamp Set. The rain hat on the standing duck was cut out from the bear stamp. I used the Cloud and Grass Die to create the cloud panel, grassy knoll, and waves, and then colored them using Distress Oxide Inks.

Step 2: I cut out a square scallop frame, and glued the cloud panel to the top and the grass and waves to the bottom. If you want to add a sentiment to the cloud portion, now is the time to stamp it (don't wait until after you put the card together because mounting it on foam doesn't give you the hard surface you need to get a clean stamp).

Step 3-4: The foam tape I was using is kind of thin so I cut an 8 ¼” strip and folded it in half on top of itself to make a thicker 4" foam strip. I had to repeat this step a few times.

Step 5: I then cut the layered 4" foam strips in half lengthwise.

Step 6: I also cut one of the strips in half again to make a really thin strip.

Step 7: Now it’s time to measure where the thread will go. The blue, background square is 4 ½” x 4 ½”. I first measured to find the center and drew a little line in pencil. Next, I measured out 5/8 from the center on both sides to get the next marks. You want to leave a border on the edges to allow for more foam tape. You also want to put your pencil marks above where your foam tape will go so you can still see them as guides.

Step 8: Place your foam tape at the top and bottom, but leave a little bit of space between the top and bottom of the paper. In other words, do not line the foam tape at the edge of the paper.

Step 9: Line up the clear, transparent thread with the first pencil mark. Press the thread down onto the foam tape using the backing paper to press the thread into the foam.

Step 10-11: Load up about 10 beads on the thread and press the end of the thread onto the bottom foam tape. Continue all the way across.

Step 12: Trim off the hanging pieces of clear thread from the top and bottom. Grab your Scor-Tape and more foam tape.

Step 13: Cut scor-tape the same size as the top and bottom foam strips. Place on top of the foam to better secure the thread to the foam.

Step 14: Cut another strip of foam tape 8 ¼” long and fold in half. Cut the 4” strip of foam tape in half lengthwise, and place on top of the top and bottom border of foam. You will now have a double layer of foam on the top and bottom with your clear thread sandwiched between.

Step 15: Do the same to make your side borders of foam. To get thinner strips of foam to go between the lines of beads cut the strip that you cut in half in half again. Tap your embossing buddy along the edges of the foam so the beads don’t stick.

Step 16: Remove the foam tape and lay the scalloped border scene on top. Next, add your ducks on top of thin foam strips placed between some of the bead lines.

Step17-18: To finish off the card I stamped a sentiment on the cloud portion (it's better to stamp the sentiment before adhering the card together). I then glued it to a 5 ½" x 5 ½" card base with yellow, striped pattern paper. When you shake the card, the beads fall like it’s raining.




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  • Melodie Mills On

    What size seed beads did you use?

  • Bonnie On

    Oh, Rosemary, how clever! I love, love the seed beads as raindrops..soooo cute! Thank you for the tutorial!

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