Creating your own stencils with cutting dies


Today I want you to show a little tutorial, how easy and first and foremost fast you can create your own stencils with the cutting dies you already have at home.

For this I used the new "Cloud and Gras Die" and a foil. I like to use foils, because you can reuse them and you see exactly, where you have to lay them.

If the foil is big enough, you can make two different sides at once. I've used the clouds and the grass border. Don't dump the the leftover part, you can use them as well!

It will be cranked normally trough a punching machine


Now I've cropped a paper,choose a matching ink pad and applied the color with an applicator. To do so I went from the foil to the paper with the wiper. Thus the color will fade out by itself.

The clouds first:

And now the grass:

As you can see, that's very easy and very fast, and you can create a lot of stencils by yourself.

At the end the finished card looks like this:

Love, your Ginger

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